A taste of knitting to come


On a grey February Sunday in Paris what could be better than a taste of knitting at a trendy Parisian café alongside the Bassin de la Villette where the Canal d’Ourcq flows quietly in to meet the Canal St Martin? Clearly quite a lot of people knew there wasn’t much better because the first Sunday afternoon Gôuter-Tricot at the Pavillon des Canaux organised by Enrico the Flying Knitter was a great success – so successful that we knitters over-populated the café, filling up every last quirky corner of the old house with stitches and yarn in a thousand colours.

Impromtpu knitting lessons, explanations of confusing knitting terms, conversations in French and English – and probably other languages – all accompanied to the click clack of knitting needles, the clinking of cups, saucers and glasses of amazingly good juice concoctions.

As an Anglophone knitter with enough French language skills to talk knitting I found it thoroughly enjoyable. I also heard English being spoken, other than in the group of knitters I was meeting up with. Enrico is organising further Gôuter-Tricot social knitting sessions, the next one is scheduled for Sunday 6 March, from 3pm at the Hôtel Grand Amour number 18 rue de la Fidelité near Gare de l’ Est.

So, if you are in Paris, or visiting Paris and would like to knit with the locals check out the Gôuter-tricot des Tricoteurs Volants event details and conversation on Facebook.


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