The Authors

Barbara Cattoni and Keiry Belton are both New Zealanders who know and love Paris.  As needlecrafters themselves they know the most interesting places to shop for fabrics, yarn, old lace, vintage textiles, beads, buttons, ribbons and more.

Barbara has lived in Paris for more than 35 years. She started  Stitching up Paris Tours  and for many years provided individually tailored, guided tours of Paris’s best craft addresses, taking visitors beyond the well-known stores to tucked away warehouses and artisan craft suppliers. Since the end of April 2018 Pauline Geneteau who worked with Barbara has taken over sole operation of the tours.

Keiry lived in Paris for a number of years until recently when she moved back to her New Zealand home. Arriving in Paris and already an avid knitting and yarn fan Keiry explored the Paris knitting scene and began blogging about her everyday life in Paris and the fun of knitting in French. When Keiry and Barbara met through Ravelry’s online knitting network Barbara introduced Keiry to the wonders of fabrics, hat-makers, embroidery artists and all the glory of French mercerie and vintage haberdashery. Keiry’s stash has diversified.

Keiry and Barbara combined their New Zealand do-it-yourself values with Paris’ unique way of stitching together the old and the new to create a delightful book – Stitching up Paris : The Insider’s Guide to Parisian Knitting, Sewing, Notions and Needlecraft Stores.

Barbara and Keiry continue to report on the Paris stitching scene in their blog posts and on Instagram. We keep you up to date with news, more addresses, interesting neighbourhood notes, exhibition dates and tips for visiting Paris and its environs.