These detailed shop descriptions would be enough on their own to make this book worth buying, but there’s so much more. Throughout the book you’ll find Neighborhood Notes with sightseeing recommendations close to the shops…..

You learn so much about Paris from a completely different viewpoint that it’s an interesting book even if you’re not into fiber arts (like me) or don’t plan on visiting Paris anytime soon.

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Heather Stimmler Hall – Secrets of Paris

Not gonna lie, I opened the package and thought “How much did I pay for this?”. And then I opened the book, started reading, and then ordered two more copies for my friends.

This book is beautiful, and amazing, and very much a leisurely stroll through the streets of Paris with your best friend – sticking your head into their favorite craft stores and touching all the pretty things. The book covers knitting, embroidery, fabrics, notions, haberdashery, passementerie (and if you don’t know what those mean they tell you!), and vintage stores.

Besides all the standard fare (address, hours, Metro) there are notes about websites in English, online sales, stock they carry, and my very favorite “Neighborhood Notes” – a little paragraph or two about where you are, and perhaps a suggestion for a stroll. If you are looking for a comprehensive, facts only listing, this is not the book. If you’re looking for recommendations and suggestions, beautiful pictures, a bit of history while you shop, and something to psych you up for your next trip – buy the book.


Received my copy and love it. My husband also read it and said it was very well done. I discovered a few more knitting stores I want to visit in May. Good luck with the book.


I feel like the stars are aligning for my trip to Paris even more every day. Last week two Paris based Kiwis published what might just be the travel guide of my dreams.

It only arrived in my letterbox yesterday, but I’ve already read most of it and am planning after-class outings for my trip. I think exploring Paris’ arrondissements by way of knitting shops is a great way to get off the usual tourist routes and find some little-known places.

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Joanna – The Knitographer